Damon Photographer

I’m Damon; a commercial photographer specializing in product photography. As an advertising photographer I particularly enjoy photographing the difficult stuff; blacks, stainless-steel, glass and translucent. My Studio in Christchurch, New Zealand is named Instill: to ‘instill’ a positive vibe.

Most of my day to day photography involves capturing manufactured products from normal New Zealand businesses. My difference is simply that I make my clients look a lot better than the other’s. The work on my Portfolio page features my best work, which illustrates how expert and capable I am, yet the slideshow (below) shows my simpler everyday product photography. It is making these products stand out with a high quality vibe & appeal that drives my client’s success. Consistently producing this high quality photography requires custom lighting and determination. As an example; I have a regular client of 6 years who ship Chinese home wares into Amazon stores in the USA. They sell the very same items as other sellers, but they are a lot more successful than the others. Why?, because they re-brand and employ me to create their Amazon photo’s (rather than using the standard views) Their increased sales makes the little extra in photography cost a very sound investment.

This Ngai Tahu Clams is one of my favourite images. A Kete bag in sunlight looks deceptively simple but required a complex studio setup; shaping the ‘shaft of sunlight’ and painstakingly arranging ‘selected’ Clams to cascade within the bag. This subject could have been done much quicker, but the result would not look anything like this. That is why the cost of photography varies, and so it is not always easy to discern what represents real value.

Note to creatives:

The best images happen when the art director, marketing manager and photographer collaborate. Are you an Art director or designer that is new to directing photography?  Maybe you’re a bit unsure about how to work with a photographer? Just give me a call. We’ll chat about the process of working together; helpful starting points, like a visual or some example images. You will get the satisfaction of creating original, outstanding work, and your client wins with an effective image which is uniquely their own.