VIBE about perception

Really good photography does more than simply show what a product or service looks like. It makes an impression, creates a feeling, or stirs desirability. I like to call this influence  ‘Vibe’

It is created from the application of light, composition, content, tone, and hundreds of other visual ingredients, which are all combined to make an image work emotionally and effectively. It takes additional effort but makes a real difference to the end result.

Excellent ‘Copy’ can also create a vibe; but that’s only if there is time to read it.  Nielsen research established that on average only 20% of words on a web page are read; but on the other hand, images grab your attention and work fast (in fact our brain processes visuals 60000x faster than text) Every individual’s response to design varies, but everyone responds to the real-ness of a photograph. If you’re willing to read more than 20% of this page, you will find convincing reasons to create more effective photography.

Because our brain is wired to prioritize sight, we will remember what someone looks like, although we are unlikely to remember what they said (or remember their name!) Photograph’s create that important 1st impression, forming a subconscious link to a product or service.

Consumers will do their best to rationalize their purchase decisions; quality, functionality, reliability and price; but at the end of the day, it is often simply their ‘Gut feeling’ that they run with.

What’s the story with STOCK photographs; those stereotyped pictures from the international photo stock agencies… hmm, well that’s the problem- there is no real story, no genuine link with a product or service.

OK, so Stock is quick, cheap and easy. But frankly, if the product or service does not appear in your promotional material, then you have lost a measure of trust, and missed out on an effective connection. It’s all about authenticity.

And; do you know where your ‘used’ stock image has been?  You certainly don’t know who is going to use it next!

Why put yourself through hours of searching for a stock library photo? -only to end up with that obvious ‘stock look’; just making your marketing material appear the same as everyone else’s.

Vibe is created when the elements of an image work together and magic happens!

I’m not into arty stuff just for the sake of it. I simply want New Zealand businesses to grow and look damn good in the process.

Check out my portfolio; as the images speak for themselves.